Flow Measurement Solutions

Flow Measurement Solutions

Delivering innovative flow measurement solutions to some of the world's most challenging environments since 1959.

Gas or liquid; metering, sampling and proving - Alderley's intimate knowledge of flow measurement solutions helps you achieve your financial, contractual and regulatory commitments.

Oil & Liquid Metering

Since measuring the first oil from the North Sea, Alderley have accrued more than 50 years of experience in providing metering solutions.

Alderley's engineers are fully versed in the latest standards and technologies to meet the modern demands for oil and liquid metering systems, meaning Alderley can consistently deliver high accuracy liquid metering, proving, master metering and calibration packages.

Gas Metering

Alderley metering experts have the knowledge, technical ability and experience to deliver high accuracy gas metering packages to suit your needs.

With metering systems successfully installed across the globe, Alderley technical experts have considerable experience in all types of gas metering systems and associated instrumentation.

LNG Metering

The leaders in Dynamic LNG Metering, Alderley have been manufacturing custody metering stations for liquefied gases since 1977.

Demonstrating expert knowledge of technologies and regulations, Alderley are the most experienced LNG metering company, with the majority of the world’s LNG export terminals being metered by an Alderley system.

Metering Control Systems

The importance of metering control systems for your application cannot be underestimated. Often described as the ‘cash register’ of the oil and gas industry, metering systems must be reliable, secure and auditable.

Alderley work with all major flow computer suppliers, including Omni and Emerson, but Alderley's independence and technical ability mean that Alderley can provide the metering controls solution that best meets your budget and your needs.

Sampling & Analysis

With capabilities including RVP analysers and LPG chromatographs, Alderley's experts can provide a metering sampling and analysis solution that will satisfy both your application needs and the requirements set by national and international standards.

Proving Systems

Alderley have extensive knowledge and experience in all types of proving systems, from the commonly used bi-directional prover to customised solutions for the most challenging applications.

Alderley's provers can be supplied as a standalone system or integrated as part of a flow measurement Modular Package.

Brownfield Metering Upgrades

Ensuring flow measurement accuracy and maximising your uptime are two of our top priorities.

Alderley's multi-disciplined team of technical experts can inspect, advise, design, engineer, supply and upgrade any system regardless of OEM to keep your operations running smoothly.

Metering Training

Sharing Alderley's wealth of experience, Alderley offer training courses from flow measurement and proving theory through to practical commissioning and maintenance.

Alderley's courses are designed to meet the needs of all levels of personnel and can be tailored to meet specific project or equipment requirements.

Quality Performance Life Cycle Support