Nano Sim

The NANO Simulator has been designed to work with the Newflow NÅNO product range but is equally useful with 3rd party RTUs and NANO SIMs

No of Channels Simulator Description Connected to
5 Linear Slide Potentiometers (Sliders) which produce a 4-20mA Analog Output to mimic field Transmitters Current Mode Analog Inputs
1 Four wire Pt100 RTD RTD temperature input
2 Turbine Pulse Simulation. These can operateindependently or in dual pulse mode Turbine Inputs / Dual Pulse
2 Density Meter Simulation, Frequency Outputs Density Meter Inputs
9 Switched Outputs Digital Inputs
2 Current Measurement Inputs Analog Outputs
8 Digital Status LEDs Digital Outputs & Pulse Outputs
1 Alarm Relay position Indication Alarm Relay
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