Separation & Water Treatment Solutions

Separation & Water Treatment Solutions

Enhance your operational efficiency whilst helping to protect the environment with Alderley's separation and water treatment solutions.

Whether your objective is to maximise hydrocarbon recovery, meet regulatory standards for produced water treatment, improve water quality or protect the environment, Alderley have the right separation and water treatment solution for your needs.

Wellhead Desanding

Whether caused by unconsolidated reservoirs, high production rates or the failure of gravel packs and other sand control measures, the effects of sand can be hugely damaging to chokes, flow lines, control valves, pumps and other equipment.

Protect your critical downstream instrumentation from erosion damage with Alderley's wellhead desanding solutions.

Separation & Primary Produced Water Treatment

Maximising recovery and process efficiency, or optimising produced water treatment – whatever your objective, Alderley have the right solution for you.

With a variety of technologies to support upstream sand removal, separators and collection vessels to maximise your hydrocarbon recovery, and deoiling hydrocyclones to cleanse your produced water at the primary stage, Alderley are the ideal partner for your separation and water treatment endeavours.

Secondary Produced Water Treatment

Alderley's secondary treatment solutions, including flotation units and degassers, condition produced water and solids in preparation for discharge or further polishing.

Coupled with services such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Alderley's technical experts are dedicated to maximising the effectiveness of your treatment solution whilst optimising footprint, weight and cost.

Tertiary Produced Water Treatment

While primary and secondary water treatment systems can fulfil 90% of the requirements as stipulated by relevant discharge limits, further water polishing may be required.

With tertiary filtration technologies achieving solids filtration to below 2µm, Alderley have the expertise to provide the right solution for your discharge requirements.

Brownfield Project Services

Maximising Alderley's customer’s uptime is one of Alderley's top priorities. Delivering fit, form and function, Alderley's experienced engineers will work closely with you to design, manufacture and install the right solution for your needs – meeting your separation and produced water treatment requirements whilst keeping your operations running smoothly.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Alderley engineers can advise and design systems that minimise equipment footprint whilst maximising efficiency and performance.

CFD can further be used to assess existing process performance to support Brownfield upgrades.

Separation & Water Treatment Training

With extensive knowledge in the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and servicing of produced water treatment solutions across the globe, Alderley's technical experts provide a first class training experience.

Training courses can be tailored around any topic relevant to you – from produced water design theory through to commissioning and maintenance. Alderley's experts will work with you to deliver specific training courses to meet the needs of all levels of personnel.

Produced Water Treatment Spares Management

Through planned inspection, maintenance, management of spares and repair services, Alderley's dedicated Services teams help Alderley's customers plan their Operation Expenditure (OPEX) and assists in reducing costs associated with downtime and carrying excess inventory.

Quality Performance Life Cycle Support